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Given the Mobian commitments of my painting practice, those which mobilise oppositions without crossing a boundary, this Taking Risks exhibition is itself poised between two bodies of work titled Coming Alive (1997 -2013) and South (2013-). The former might be characterised as a vertical emergence from an interior psychic depth, and the latter as a horizontal expansion toward the unknowable ‘flesh’ of the world, figured, for the moment, around the ‘rim’ of the land masses that encircle the Southern Antarctic Oceans. This Taking Risks exhibition, as an articulation of these precarious and transformative impulses, like all art, is an opportunity for viewers to take aesthetic risks.

This artist’s residency in War Studies, Kings College London was inaugurated by conversations I had with Dr Claudia Aradau on the relation and differences between security risks and aesthetic risks. This enquiry has been realised through this Leverhulme Artist’s Residency award to Kings College London, and is an opportunity to engage with the idea and practice of productive risks.

My thanks go to the Leverhulme Trust, as well as to members of the Department of War Studies, in particular to Dr Claudia Aradau and Prof Vivienne Jabri for their generous invitation and to Prof Thomas Rid, Prof Ned Lebow, Prof James Gow as well as to Prof Marysia Zalewski and Pablo De Orellana for their collaboration in this productive residency project. Thanks too to Somerset House and to all those members of Kings College London, including Kings Venues, the Cultural Institute and the Arts and Humanities Festival who have contributed to the realisation of this Taking Risks exhibition.

Finally: a very special thanks to Jeremy Theophilus, Linda Theophilus and Mervyn Frost for their generous help in curating, writing about and conceptualising this event, as well as to Livia Marin and Anna von Veh for producing and publishing information about this show.

Lola Frost.

October 2014

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